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Kenji Mori / kenwoods photography


16 Nishiikeda, Kaimei Ichinomiya, Aichi 494-0001 Japan

cell : +81 80-3635-0560 (Japan)

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kenji mori - kenwoods photography



Born in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Japan. Grow up as the youngest child for an electric shop owner's family then become an electric engineer after graduate from a technical high school. As 20, quit job for service engineering job then move to Tokyo to study photography. In the major of two-year program for photojournalism, shoot motorcycle and moto-cross racing in Tokyo area and study editing and model lighting.


As 22, start working for a commercial photo studio in Tokyo mainly for Mitsukoshi, one of the biggest department stores in the nation, and learn about lighting and large format camera handling and shooting technique for jewelry, food, furniture, and model, as well as studio managing as a chief photographer. Interested in theatre photographing in late 90's as a friend asked for his group starts playing. Later learn video shooting and editing as well.


Year 2000, go United States as an English student and photograph on the streets in Manhattan. The time thinking about going back to Japan in the fall in 2001, multiple terrorism happening, that changes plan dramatically. 2005- start shooting musicians, dancers, and other performing artists. Backed by Japanese communities, involves many cultural events and photographs for papers. 


May 2014, back to Japan and prepare for next stage in hometown Aichi. 

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